Even with the main lobby, clubhouse, restaurant, tennis court and two large pools, Club Cascadas is intimate. Stone surfaced paths meander through the sand to round sculptured villas with thatched bamboo roofs nestled in groves of palm trees and tropical flora. “It is like living in a fantasy,” says one owner from Dallas, as if we are residing in a work of art!

Club Cascadas de Baja incorporated Ed Giddings’ vision, his architecture, his philosophy, and his independence on a grand scale.

The basic building design theme is circular. The buildings are round and made from local materials, primarily cement brick and stone. The complex offers both privacy and community. From the outside one senses the strength of a castle; from the inside it is intimate. It is both outlandishly extravagant and imminently practical. There are dozens of examples of inventiveness and utilitarianism, such as the use of large colorful hand-blown glass bottles in the sky lights.

Club Cascadas seems to grow out of it’s site, as if it were always there, with beautiful and exotic flowers, trees and plants integral to the structure.
As always, Ed was a pioneer. He and Patricia had discovered Cabo San Lucas when it could only be reached by sea, by roads which were virtually trails, or by small airplane.

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Club Cascadas de Baja

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
A “Privileged Paradise”!

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Club Cascadas offers a dreamy tropical paradise…azure seas, warm sands and soft breezes and much more!  Situated on the beautiful Playa el Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas, Club Cascadas features luxurious villas, nestled amongst a profusion of coco palms and lush foliage.

Club Cascadas has 110 villas which are one to four-bedrooms, many with their own private pools and spas, offering fabulous views of the world famous “El Arco” at the tip of Baja California.






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